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Install nmo#

# you need to have node installed
npm install -g nmo

How to use nmo?#

Take a look at the video:

Content from the video#

# check if node is online
nmo isonline http://foo:bar@localhost:15984

# create a cluster config for the cluster anemone
nmo cluster add node1 http://foo:bar@localhost:15984 anemone
nmo cluster add node2 http://foo:bar@localhost:25984 anemone
nmo cluster add node3 http://foo:bar@localhost:35984 anemone

# check config
nmo cluster get

# we support json!
nmo cluster get --json
nmo isonline http://foo:bar@localhost:15984 --json

# join cluster
nmo cluster join anemone

# try again
nmo cluster join anemone